Save as WWF, Save a Tree

This is an interesting campaign. A PDF that cannot be printed, a WWF!

The official site >

It is a green idea, and a gateway idea. By gateway I mean that it immediately brings to mind many options. One is the idea of having by default computers that cannot communicate with printers but one can pay for a plugin that makes the connection.

Not sure how far the WWF PDF will spread and how successful it will be. People can take just simple steps like taking a screenshot of the file and then print it. Successful or not, I think the next idea built on this one will go far.



Young Director Award / Born to Create Drama

The Young Director Award’s ads are just great. This is another fun one. (Older ads >) This photo is beautiful, the point is clear and funny, you feel like you are in on the joke.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\PHS Helsinki, Finland
Copywriters: Markku Haapalehto, Mira Olsson
Art Director: Minna Lavola
Photographer: Jere Hietala / Fake

Exactly / Well Stockings

This is not the most beautiful ad & the Well logo might make you think you are back in 1986 but…this is a great ad.

Why? I am exactly their target audience & I want their stockings. It is already a given that all stocking brands have many patterns & colors but what is not a given is that they are durable. Actually it is a given that they are not. All I want at this point from the brand is to tell me what I want to hear – These stockings are durable. To the point with both the art & copy.

Advertising Agency: Herezie, France
Creative Director: Andrea Stillacci
Copywriter: Jean-Laurent Py
Art Director: Sebastien Boutebel
Photographer: Bruno Dayan
Other: Marion Liebschutz


This a commercial for the new web browser RockMelt.

(What is up with their logo?!)

They would have made a more interesting first impression if they did not try to copy Apple’s commercials by using an active user voiceover.

It isn’t the most beautiful browser however it does seem to help raise productivity. By having all of our social networking world on one viewing level, with only highlights from each application, we can then experience realtime update without for example going into Facebook and loosing an hour or two of working.

Dirpy Studio / Youtube > MP3

Dirpy turns youtube videos into MP3.

Super free, easy & lifechanging

Dirpy >

The Last Exorcism / Chatroulette

FPA / Remember This?

A Forced conncetion

B Woman cannot wear condoms as far as I know

C Every ad in this campaign uses styles that are back in fashion


Advertising Agency: tea, London, UK
Creative Directors: Chris Bishop, Stuart Fermor
Art Director: Chris Bishop
Copywriter: Stuart Fermor
Published: September 2010