Freenewprojects“Ad It Mark It is a new project about aesthetics and originality in advertising from the author of the excellent fine art blog Manishtama, and it employs a critical technique to which the Internet is uniquely suited: comparing like with like. As the Internet puts so much of recent visual history on a single playing field, the savvy eye will gather and place things side by side, shoulder to shoulder, and start building their own hierarchy by observing who did it first and who did it better. This is as close as we can get to objective proofs in the subjective cyber universe, and it actually feels like we are learning something.”

July 6. 2009

Free New Projects



BDGali Erez is a graphic designer and illustrator from Israel. She is a CalArts graphic design graduate currently living and working in Los Angeles. I’ve always enjoyed her playful use of proportion, fearless use of color and youthful connection to her content. She loves to mix markers, colored pencils, Micron pens, crayons, chalk, pencil and anything else she can get a hold of to create her work.”

March 20, 2009

Beautiful Decay


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