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Dirpy Studio / Youtube > MP3

Dirpy turns youtube videos into MP3.

Super free, easy & lifechanging

Dirpy >


PersonalMusica.com / Not Everything They Do is Good

This campaign is funny and the illustrations are nice. I am not sure about everything else like the typography and the layout but if the humor actually works a lot can be forgiven, right?

“Not everything they do it good.
Download just the song you like.

Advertising School: Brother Ad School, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Art Director: Tiago Salgueiro
Copywriter: Felipe Autran

Teder / Popup Radio & Bar

A few local Tel Avivian music scene kings have decided to open a popup radio station/bar. You can either chill at the bar and give your ears some love or you can hear it streamed live here (2pm – till the last leftover drunk)

The beauty of this project is that it will only last 120 sticky sexy summer days.

Another beautiful thing is the flow of it all; the djs’ styles are random and orgasmic at the same time & the bar and tone of the whole project is warm, local & fresh.

Also you can find Teder on Facebook

MTV \ Owning the Teenage Game


“A new breed of music”

Advertising Agency: Duval Guillaume, Antwerp, Belgium
Creative Director: Geoffrey Hantson
Art Directors: Stefan Leendertse, Carsten Van Berkel
Prod Comp: Monodot
Director: Erik Bulckens
Producers: Tatiana Pierre, Marc Van Buggenhout, Bruno Dejonghe

What Were They Thinking / Trax Magazine

“The electro magazine that makes you fussy.”

This is so gross, even in teenager world. How does this help sell magazines?

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Paris, France
Creative Director: Les Six
Art Directors: Julien Vallon, Gilles Rivollier
Copywriter: Montassar Chlaika
Photographer: Marc Paeps
Retoucher: BeeFactory
Art Buyers: Sylvie Reveillard, Claire Nicaise, Amélie Crinon
Published: March 2010

Acne Advertising

Interesting work. Acne has already proven their visual skills, now their conceptual skills are being tested. So far so good.

Apple & Disney Collaborate


“Walt Disney Records exclusive soundtracks on Apple Store”

Advertising Agency: Doberman Studio, Moscow,Russia
Creative Director: Ilya Plotnikov
Photographers: Ilya Plotnikov, Alexandra Zaharova
Published: September 2009

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