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Save as WWF, Save a Tree

This is an interesting campaign. A PDF that cannot be printed, a WWF!

The official site >

It is a green idea, and a gateway idea. By gateway I mean that it immediately brings to mind many options. One is the idea of having by default computers that cannot communicate with printers but one can pay for a plugin that makes the connection.

Not sure how far the WWF PDF will spread and how successful it will be. People can take just simple steps like taking a screenshot of the file and then print it. Successful or not, I think the next idea built on this one will go far.



Dirpy Studio / Youtube > MP3

Dirpy turns youtube videos into MP3.

Super free, easy & lifechanging

Dirpy >

Google Chrome \ Speed Tests

Google Chrome’s Commercial

This is how they did it:

McDonald’s Interactive Billboard


Fun & Simple

DDB, Stockholm

Closing the Gap

The Gap is catching up

The new Gap app includes browsing the collection, watching celebs and designers videos and even purchasing items directly.

What Were They Thinking / Don’t Touch Me



Advertising Agency: Dentsu Malaysia
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Creative director / Copywriter: Renee Lim
Art director / Typographer: Roy Wisnu Hariadi
Photographer: Jonathan Tay
Producer: Is

Microsoft & Family Guy = Disaster

Microsoft wanted to promote the new Windows 7 by sponsoring a commercial-free Family Guy episode a few weeks ago (no need for commercials when the whole episode is one long commercial). Of course that family guy was too inappropriate for the Windows brand and the deal is no deal. Family Guy almost whored themselves but lucky them Windows is too conservative to let them open their legs to every money opportunity. If the episode was going to be like the few videos Windows released it would have been a sad day for Family Guy and also a sad day for t.v shows.