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Dirpy Studio / Youtube > MP3

Dirpy turns youtube videos into MP3.

Super free, easy & lifechanging

Dirpy >


Tipp-Ex / A Hunter ____ a Bear

I’m a sucka for plays on youtube.

Here is another cool one from Tipp-Ex

Here it is >

Advertising Agency: Buzzman, France
Creative Director: Georges Mohammed-Chérif
General Manager: Thomas Granger
Copywriter: Tristan Daltroff
Art Director: Louis Audard
Project Mnagers: Bastien Chanot, Antoine Ferrari
TV Producer: Elodie Jonquille
Digital Production Manager : Mélanie Rohat-Meheust
Community Managers: Xavier Le Boullenger, Nicolas Mirguet
Film Production: Eleganz
Producteur: Willy Morence
Réalisateur: Olivier Bennoun
Web Production: Grouek

PersonalMusica.com / Not Everything They Do is Good

This campaign is funny and the illustrations are nice. I am not sure about everything else like the typography and the layout but if the humor actually works a lot can be forgiven, right?

“Not everything they do it good.
Download just the song you like.

Advertising School: Brother Ad School, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Art Director: Tiago Salgueiro
Copywriter: Felipe Autran

Google Chrome \ Speed Tests

Google Chrome’s Commercial

This is how they did it:

Google \ Parisian Love

Google’s first ad was aired at the Super Bowl 10′

Advertising Agency: Google Creative Lab, USA
Prod Company: 1stAveMachine
Director: Aaron Duffy
EPs: Serge Patzak, Sam Penfield
Producers: John Burger, Crystal Campbell
Head of Creative Development: Claire Mitchell
Concept Art: Carlos Ancalmo
AE Artists: Joon Park, John Stanch, John Loughlin, Will Decker, Anthony Serriano, WeiTo Chow
Music: Analogue Muse
EP: Alan Zahn
Composer: Jeremy Turner
Sound Design: Analogue Muse
Sound Designers: Geoff Strasser, Nick Cipriano
Producers: Alan Zahn, Jeremy Turner
Audio Post: Muse Mix
Mixer: Nick Cipriano
Aired: February 2010

New Balance \ 574 Clips


In order to demonstrate the uniqueness of each one of the 480 pairs in the limited edition series, which are constructed entirely out of leftover clips of material from the NB 993 and 996 designs, Mother created their own series of “clips”—exclusive vignettes shot in cities across the U.S. documenting the experience of every pair before they reached consumers. The shorts are featured on the 574 Clips website. Buyers are invited to search for their shoes’ special short and once they find it, they can “claim” their NBs by entering a special code. Their names will then be featured at the end of the film.

A couple problems: New Balance has no cohesive branding identity and second this really nice project has not been promoted in the right places if at all.

Agency: Mother, New York

Creative Director: Linus Karlsson, Paul Malmstrom

Art Director: Jed Grossman, Mark Aver

Copywriter: Ben Hughes, Jon Lancaric

Creative Technologist: Rey Peralta

Designer: Derrick Lee

Producer: Imogen Bailey